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Here are some of the patient's feedback about the surgical treatment outcome of their diagnosis.

Hanifbhai Nigamara, Bhuj

I came to CIMS with a long term problem of repeated vomiting with nobody was able to solve. Here at CIMS Dr Chirag Thakkar made me undergo a many tests and finally identified my problem. Then he bypassed my stomach by laparoscopic surgery. I was roaming around the next day and was discharged in 5 days. Now I am fine and can eat everything.

Jalpaben Dave, Bhuj

We got laparoscopic surgery done under Dr Chirag Thakkar and all was very smooth. We stayed at CIMS hospital for 1 day and went back to Bhuj after surgery.

Rahimbhai Memon, Surendranagar

I came to CIMS with sevre problem in my Gall Bladder. My problem was big and operation was very difficult because of my cardiac problem. But everything was solved by Dr Chirag Thakkar. I will always be thankful to him.

Jalaben Dhirubhai Rabari, Ahmedabad

Very happy with the treatment, because the pre surgery meeting with Dr Chirag was really good and he helped out in taking a good decision. The treatment was done perfectly. Very warm hearted and smiling nature.

Bhupendrabhai Vaghjibhai Patel, Anand

I have taken treatment under Dr Chirag. He is best doctor I have met. Such type of devotion and dedication to the job needs appreciation. My surgery was high risk but Dr Chirag did it all well

Budharam Chaudhari, Ahmedabad

Aakesh Bhindi, Australia

Hi Dr. Chirag Thakkar,

This is Aakesh Bhindi from Sydney Australia.

I would like to thank you for treating my "Indirect Inguinal Hernia" by Laparoscopic surgery technique.

I experienced very less pain after operation and feeling completely cured within a week which is a very short period of time.

You are one of the best, experienced Laparoscopic surgeon. Above all, you are very friendly, supporting and fully aware to take care of your patient.

Once again thanks a lot for your best treatment.

Wishing you all the very best for your success full carrier.


Aakesh Bhindi

Rajnikant Shah, Bhuj

I don’t want to tell much more things but I give A++ Ratings to Dr Chirag Thakkar as a Doctor and Person.

Ramesh Kohli, Ahmedabad

At my late age of 81 years, I was apprehensive of surgery and that too with local anaesthesia. Appreciate the way you made me feel comfortable during and after the procedure. Thanks with appreciation.

Rajkumari Joshi, Rajasthan

We had very nice experience with Dr Chirag Thakkar. In true sense he is genius. I had Infection right now at stitches but I remain in touch with doctor for his support. I am from Rajasthan so I am doing my regular dressings in nearby hospital.

Kamala Ashok Devani, Anjar

Dr Chirag is the best doctor in Gujarat. We had to be shifted to CIMS hospital in a bad shape due to complication after a surgery. We are thankful to him we got such a great treatment.

Ashaben Jagdishbhai Patil

Dr Chirag Thakkar is experienced, gentleman and the most important he is very caring. Thanks once again for taking care of my wife, she is enjoying her life again worry free.

Jayaben Jineshbhai Shah, Jamnagar

Dr Chirag is very thorough and professional. His nature is very helpful and he helped us feel relaxed. Thank you very much for treating my mother. Our best wishes are always with you.

Hershadba Jadeja, Jamnagar

Dear Doctor Thakker, its just a month ago that you discharged me from CIMS Hospital after you had removed my decade old umbilical hernia (By Laparoscopic Surgery) in such a gentle way that I was hardly aware that any type of invasion had happened on my obese form. It is the gentlest op I've been subjected to & I've had some. The after care was so warm that leaving hospital was hard. It was so mainly due to your loving eare, Chiragbhai.

Thank you


Vishal Sureshbhai Dodiya, Ahmedabad

I am heartly thankfull to Dr chirag Thakkar, he is an excellent doctor. My recovery was really fast after surgery and now I don’t feel like I am operated .He explained me whole treatment, I am totally satisfied with Dr Chirag Thakkar and CIMS Hospital. They proved that they are CARE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Ramkunmwar Kalla, Jodhpur

Dr Chirag Thakkar is a very nice doctor and a nice human being. We had suffered a lot during our two operations in jodhpur. Not only we ended up in complications, but the doctors attitude and treatment of those complications was very inhumane. My wife was having problems since then.

Dr Chirag had given a right advise, did the surgery very nicely, gave us all the necessary information that we asked for. The surgery under him went very smoothly and she is now fine, her problems solved. We can say for us he is GOD in form a doctor. We had lost hope of my wife getting totally normal.

Navjyoti Sharma

Rakesh Suthar

I had problem of Pancreatitis leading to tumour (collection)of water. I changed 2 to 3 hospitals for my treatment but did not get satisfactory result. Finally I came to CIMS and get treatment from Dr Chirag Thakkar. Firstly he waited and treated me with medication and finally when the timing was appropriate he did the surgery. Now I am completely ok and having no or very little complains of Pain.

I had never seen a doctor like Chirag Thakkar who personally calls patients on regular interval for taking care.

Nagindas Shah, Surendranagar

I was admitted in hospital for treatment of Jaundice and acute pancreatitis but they diagnosed the problem in Gall Bladder. I had already undergone gallbladder surgery in past in ahmedabad only but a part of my gallbladder was still left behind. I had repeated problems and consulted many doctors but they were not able to find the problem. At CIMS I was treated and operated by Dr Chirag Thakkar. I have no words to praise his personal care and treatment.

Azadsingh Thakor, Kalol

I was admitted on last 25th ( April) due to problem in pancreas. Actually there was a water tumour in my pancreas, he said it was acute pancreatitis. I had shown my problem to many of the doctors but no one has diagnosed the actual problem. Lastly I came to CIMS and Dr chirag Thakkar gave a proper advice. He told that we have to wait for six weeks for operation. After six weeks my operation was done and I came out from my Illness. All staff members took very good care. I had to stay for 9 days in hospital. Dr Chirag Thakkar had taken very good care of mine and now I am completely ok.

Joycelene Leah Nyambra, Tanzania

After I was discovered with hiatal hernia, I had consulted several surgeons. Not until I had shared my problem with Mrs. Aruna Chudasama in Mombasa, Kenya, who introduced me to Doctor Chirang Thakkar located in CIMS hospital in Ahmedabad, India. I consulted him about my problem which he had responded to quickly, we then arranged to travel to India on December for the surgery.

I will admit, before I had conversed with him I was fearful of having an operation, after we had discussed he answered all of my concerns. He is very and kind and respectful, the surgery was a success, and my recover has been quick and smooth. I applaud your degree of professionalism and wish you a continued success as a doctor. Without hesitation I would recommend you to anyone in need of a surgeon.I would also point out that I am highly impressed with the competence of the staff and the way the carried out their services. They are indeed friendly and courteous. I am back in Kenya recovering well.

Atika Mohmed on behalf of her mother , Tanzania

I am writing to you on behalf of my mother, who for the last almost 6 years had been suffering from gastro-intestinal issues and indeed Dr. Chirag Thakkar almost saved a lost hope.

While in Tanzania, we met with several doctors to get a solution to her problems, she also traveled to Mumbai one time and Ahmedabad one time (and met with another doctor) and these doctors would just give medicines to her to get her off pains for a few weeks/months and after which, the problem would start all over again.

We met with Dr. Thakkar on a Sunday 20th April, to start the treatment and she was inside the operation theatre on the 23rd April and discharged from the hospital on Saturday 26th April. This one week of her life made great changes to her, morally, physically and mentally. It is for the 1st time in over 2 years that she has continuously been walking through the day and eating well without a slight complain on the pains like she was experiencing before.

Dr. Thakkar is a true hero. He cured a problem that many doctors failed, he is a good listener. He found the cause on the first visit and treated it within a week. My mother is now able to do everything she could before she got sick. He treated her. Pain was her constant companion and she had many limitations to her life style. We will always be grateful to Dr. Thakkar for all that he has done. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

Kind Regards Atika

Jignesh Chauhan, Anand

I got operated by Dr Chirag for hiatus hernia before 1 year. My half stomach was in my chest because of hiatus hernia. It started with heartburn few years back. I was on medicines since then. Gradually new problems like pain, difficulty in eating and cough started. There was no improvement with medicines. Dr Chirag told all is due to hiatus hernia and will improve with surgery. My surgery was difficult and was done by laparoscopy. Thanks to Dr Chirag for getting me out of this condition. It was really horrible before surgery

Dineshbhai Shah, Ahmedabad

I was suffering from heartburn and acid coming back to my throat since few years. I was taking antacid medicines for years altogether. Initially it worked but then problems remained even after increasing the dosage of medicines. Still most of the doctors advised to continue medicines, diet and some lifestyle modification. Even after doing everything I was having bad days due to heartburn. Finally Dr Chirag advised laparoscopic surgery and assured of good results and he was right. Its one and a half year now and I am doing absolutely fine with no medicines. I still follow diet and lifestyle changes as he has advised. I wish I had undergone the surgery a few years earlier. He is a great doctor, warm and smiling.

Gordhanbhai Gehlot, Pali

Am very thankful to Dr Chirag for his dedication and care for me. I was suffering from a rare kind of problem with many doctors could not detect. I was not able to eat for a year and was loosing weight. Dr Chirag detected the problem and confirmed with a manometry test. Then he did a laparoscopic surgery to open the valve at the lower end of my foodpipe. Recovery was smooth and I was able to eat properly. After a few months the problem started again. He had warned me about this problem before surgery. He then did an endoscopic procedure and solved my problem. Its more than 2 years now and I all fine. Thanks to him for his support and care. He on and off calls suddenly and takes my follow up. He is in a true sense a dedicated doctor.

Vinubhai Bhoi, Bayad

Dr Chirag Thakkar is hero in a true sense. He gave me another life and so I am very thankful to him.

Kishuchand Parikh, Rajasthan

Meri Aante ulach gayi thi, Dr Chirag Thakkar does the required operation and now I am completely fine. It was a major operation done in emergency.I had to stay for 9 to 10 days at hospital but treatment given was excellent

Shambai Gorasia (Grandson on her behalf), Bhuj

Dr Chirag Thakkar operated on my grandmother for small intestine problem. He is very good doctor, tried for very fast recovery for her. In my words he is best doctor for gastro problems. After operation we go for follow up at Bhuj leuva patel trust hoapital where Dr Chirag came there once a month.

Vinodbhai Naranbhai Jepal, Bhuj

I am very thankfull to Dr Chirag Thakkar for all his support and personal interest he has taken for my case. I was in a very poor condition when I was shifted from Bhuj after a surgery there but with his expert surgical treatment I am now absolutely normal.

Aminaben Junasbhai Sumbhania, Jamnagar

I am really surprised to see care of patients by doctor and all staff as a family member. Special thanks to whole staff and Dr Chirag Thakkar who is not only a nice human being but also a very expert doctor. My wife Aminaben’s treatment was done successfully and at present she is healthy.

Geetaben R Vanol, Surendranagar

I am Mr Ranchodbhai Vanol H/O Geetaben. Dr Chirag Thakkar at CIMS hospital treated my wife with multispeciality approach. My wife was admitted with critical condition, however with timely and positive approach of Dr Chirag Thakkar my wife is doing fine now. She was operated in emergency and she was fine in two days and discharged in a week all healthy.

Purnimaben Gor, Bhuj

My mother’s disease is a complicated one and having very poor results. But doctor Dr Chirag and Dr Srujal both managed things together and gave us very good treatment. He was treating us as a family member, explaining everything in detail and help us take decisions. His behavior and nature is very kind and helpful. Even he gives good response on phone in emergency situation.

Kantaben Joshi, Harij

Dr operated for intestine problem, I can tell that Dr Chirag Thakkar is very genuine & good natured.

Suresh Suthar, Rajasthan

I swallowed a denture in sleep accidentally and it got stuck in my foodpipe. Endoscopy was tried by one doctor but was not successful in removing it. He said the metal jaws of denture are stuck in your foodpipe. It was then that we were sent to Dr Chirag Thakkar at CIMS hospital. He met us in the emergency department, explained the need for urgent operation. He was very confident and caring and decreased our worries. He operated on me at night and removed the denture by operation. The care he took was exceptional. After a treatment I got a new life in a true sense.

Bhagvatiben Lavjibhai Malvi, Rajkot

Thanks to Dr Chirag and CIMS hospital. My wife had completely recovered from a major surgery. We came from Rajkot and had already consulted ,many surgeons before meeting Dr Chirag. But after meeting him we had no doubt that we wanted the treatment under him. He is an excellent doctor, nice way of explanation. After our treatment we recommend only CIMS hospital and Dr Chirag Thakkar.

Nathabahi Vasantbhai Bhambhi, Jamnagar

We are fully satisfied with treatment by Dr Chirag. He is very genuine and his nature is very kind. I have never seen a doctor like him. Even being very young he is an expert doctor. As it is said in Gujarati "nano nano pan rai no dano"

Monika Thattil, Anand

I am Monika Thattil, age 42, home-maker and an Associate Professor; I would like to narrate an incident which has made a big difference to my life, in a positive way.

I was bit over weight from childhood but after my two pregnancies I put on lot of weight and my life style completely changed. I weighed 135 kgs. I tried all ways and means to reduce but was successful in reducing only 10 to 12 kgs. As soon as I would stop my routine activities I would put on weight. In the due course of time I was detected with Diabetes. Initially it was on the border line and under control but a life style with less physical work saw in the increase of blood sugar levels and the medicine dosage also gradually increased. This led to many other complications. I became lethargic and I could not concentrate on my family and professional life. In the year 2014 I underwent a spine surgery which seriously pushed me to think of reducing my weight. How???.... was the question for me. Luckily I belong to a family of doctors, who researched for me and told me that the best way of reducing is getting a Bariatric Surgery done.

After a bit of consultation we came to the decision that Dr. Chirag Thakkar (qualification) would be perfect to conduct this surgery. Finally I got operated on 19th May 2015 at the CIMS Multi Speciality Hospital, Ahmadabad. No doubt operations are not something to look forward to but in my case I was excited as I would be changing into a healthy and energetic person and was looking forward to doing things, which my weight prevented me from doing. It has been one and half months since my operation and I have lost 17 kgs so far and am still gradually loosing. Now days I feel less tired, I enjoy working and feel that it was the right decision to get this surgery done.

Fatima Aslam, Tansania

Hello all, Dr Chirag Thakkar is the surgeon if you are thinking of weight loss surgery. I have undergone the sleeve surgery, its almost 7 months now and its fantastic. I have lost about 35 kgs and am still loosing. He says I will loose weight for total 18 months. I am already feeling amazing with all these weight loss. Everything seems changed. He is very good surgeon, very helpful and makes things quite smooth for us.

Mohammed Abdul Rehman, Kenya

I have undergone a bypass surgery under Dr Chirag Thakkar and it was a very nice experience. I was too much scared to undergo surgery. Had been delaying my surgery for about 2 years. I was in touch with Dr Chirag Thakkar for few months. He sorted a lot of my queries and finally help me gain confidence to go for surgery. And I am happy that I underwent surgery. All my medical problems are almost cured. Its just 4 months of surgery and the benefits are loud and clear. The recovery was very fast and I can fly back in a week after surgery. All the follow up in online with Dr Chirag Thakkar. He is a fantastic surgeon. Am very thankful to him.

Preeti Dantani, Ahmedabad

Hello, life is great after bariatric surgery. Dr Chirag is really great. He helped me in all the stages of my weight loss. Started from my making decision for surgery, preparation of surgery, during surgery and now after surgery. It’s a long process and he is there to help me at all the stages. I have lost 26 kgs in 6 monhts after bypass surgery. There are a few small problem with all the change that is occurring. But the final result is amazing. If you fall in the catergory of morbid obesity and are thinking of surgery, Go for it. It will change your life. For any queries go and talk to Dr Chirag, he will sort out your issues. He is a real angel for me.

Madhusudanbhai, Ahmedabad

I am an old patient of CIMS. I came there for follow up check up after a bypass surgery a year ago. There they found a Blood infection in diagnosis.

Dr Chirag Thakkar came for us in early morning at about 6’oclock, then he performed a little surgery. He is a very genuine, good natured Doctor. He personally care for patient and does the excellent treatment.