Dr.Chirag Thakkar

Why the type and quality of hernia surgery is crucial!

Hernia is a very common problem and its surgery is available at every nook and corner. Most of the time, neither a hernia nor its surgery is life-threatening. This makes the case for ignoring the need for perfection in surgery by a specialist.

Most of the people including many doctors fail to understand, that the abdominal wall (the wall of your tummy with its different muscles) is an organ in itself, with its special functions. The muscles of the wall of your tummy along with the muscles of your back are needed to function optimally, for the core functions of your body. These core functions are breathing, coughing, sneezing, passing motion and urine. And many other activities like sports, running, swimming and other strenuous work are dependent on the efficiency of your breathing.

Thus, a hernia which is a defect in the muscles of your tummy impacts many of your activities and your core body functions. Hence, surgery for a hernia is not done just to stop the intestines from coming out of your tummy and creating an emergency, but also to normalize your activity level to the best possible. Anything less than the best possible in your case, depending on your hernia type, other medical problems, and age, will not serve the purpose of restoring the function of the wall of your tummy. Type of surgery, type of anaesthesia, type of mesh and sutures, and precision of surgery, each play a crucial role in the outcome and none can be ignored.

In a nutshell, all the hernia surgeries are not the same, but each type is suited to a particular kind of hernia and patient. And overall, the aim is not just to cure hernia but to optimise your tummy wall function, so that you can live your life as actively as possible.


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