Dr.Chirag Thakkar

Do not Ignore your Obesity- There is a solution to all your problems

Normal nonobese persons generally argue regarding bariatric surgery- that why surgery for a condition like obesity which can be cured by diet and exercise? They all feel that it is a lack of effort and commitment from the obese person if he/she is not able to lose weight. It is certainly not true. Only an obese person can understand that with significant obesity, losing an adequate amount of weight and maintaining it is almost impossible to even with all efforts and commitments. But if you are obese, do not ignore obesity-There is a solution to all your problems.

Psychological aspects

There has been a significant rise in obesity in the last decade, but obesity has been a part of our society for a long. It was not considered seriously due to a lack of surgery for it and a degree of hopelessness in finding its solution. Excuses, denials, and turning their face from the truth was a normal thing for all obese persons. It was also quite common for the society to consider obese persons less active and helpful and to a certain extent, a burden to society. The attitude of society was one which made more problems for them than helping them. Their lack of control for eating and inability to do physical activity was considered very negatively by society making their condition worse. This increased their psychological problems as well as their non-acceptance of obesity and decreased their efforts to reduce weight.

Obesity-related health problems

An obesity-related health hazard is also not new with India being one of the leading countries in no of diabetes, knee osteoarthritis, and heart problem patients.

Time has changed

But now things have changed to a great extent. With the availability and a great amount of experience with bariatric surgery, there is a ray of hope for obese persons. Those who are on a higher side of their weight,  have failed in multiple attempts of weight loss with diet and exercise, have diabetes, breathing problems, have knee problems limiting their mobility severely have still hope in bariatric surgery that can lead them back to a normal life led by all other people surrounding them.

This has lead to greater confidence in accepting that they are obese, that they have a problem and they want to solve it. A positive attitude is seen in their attempt to lose weight with diet modification and exercise. Confidence in demanding surgery to regain back their health is seen. Obese people have started becoming proactive in losing weight and leading a normal healthy and active life. And miracles happen after bariatric surgery and weight loss. All our patients feel they are living a totally different life. Their relatives and friends see a different person in them. With freedom from a lot many medical problems like diabetes, breathing problems, knee problems, and an increase in their mobility in general, after bariatric surgery they feel a new enthusiasm, a new zest for life. Patients themselves and all surrounding them see a very active and enthusiastic person in them. It is like a rebirth of that person.

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